Portfolio Valuations

Legacy holdings of Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. from social good impact holdings now in Cal-Impact www.cal-impact.com social good impact accelerator.  Social good impact holdings began to spin out in 2018, as mandated by board and majority shareholders, and full spin out was completed in 2019. 
All above subject to dilution.
CompanyShare/ Unit PriceCurrent SharesCurrent Valuation
California Stock Exchange$110,000,000 shares $10 million
Kindheart Lionheart Media$13,000,000 shares$3 million
Leonhardt Food & Beverage$13,000,000 shares$3 million
HeartScore $13,000,000 shares$3 million
MilkStim $15,000,000 shares$5 million
Cal-Xport$12,300,000 shares$2.3 million
Note – The California Stock Exchange TM includes Cal-X Crowdfund Connect and CalXport.  Leonhardt Food & Beverage includes any assets of Wine Country Baseball, Hayley Bear Wine Sales, California Wine Sales Financing and Food Trikes & Scooters. Kindheart Lionheart Media & Publishing includes Dolphin Smiles The Legend of Kindheart Lionheart, Kindheart Lionheart TV Network, Radio Veronica USA, Radio Santa Monica USA, Kindheart Lionheart Adventures and Kindheart Lionheart Book Club.