Immersive mentorship-based Program Details


  • An immersive mentorship-based experience conducted virtually and with periodic meeting opportunities in person at our locations in California, Utah, Brazil, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, and Australia.
  • Highly discounted fee-based access to our staffed research labs in Utah, California, and Brazil.
  • Access to the 100+ experienced business and science mentors of Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. and Cal-Xelerator.
  • Periodic peer gatherings, expert panels, mentoring sessions, and one-on-one mentoring sessions.
  • Opportunity to receive $25,000 to $250,000 in investments over time by milestones via convertible debt notes via our accelerator fund or our network of angel investors.
  • Goal of program is to accelerate early-stage social good innovations and startups up to full market launch.

Program Onboarding

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Note – Cal-Impact provided funds cannot be used for salaries by charter. These funds can only be used for product development and testing as well as support materials development including IP filings or licenses. Cal-Impact does not cover any travel, computer, telephone, insurance or other office costs for entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur founders are expected to raise funds from other sources or from themselves non-product development and testing related direct expenses.

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Social Good Impact Portfolio Advisors

Len Lanza

Kelsie Leonhardt

Greg Wendt

Bonnie Kanner

Frank Marino

Dara Albright

Suzie Baleson

John Evey

Devin Thorpe

Ruth Hedges

Vincent Molinari

Jude Belanger

Henk Abbink