Cal-Impact Portfolio 2020

The California Stock Exchange™

Vision to be the first U.S. based social good impact stock exchange.

Kindheart Lionheart Media & Publishing

Social good impact books, TV, movies, music and other media.

Kindheart Lionheart TV

Social good impact TV network with original programming included.

Kindheart Lionheart Adventures

Social good impact travel adventures

Food Trikes & Scooters

Social good impact launching pad for restauranteurs.


Social good impact and biomed breakthrough innovation and startup launch accelerator – 108 days from create to great.


Helping social good impact California startups reach export markets.


Producing more milk with less hormones and less water via bioelectric stimulation.


Wearable monitoring, AI and genetics applied to long term heart failure and diabetes management to reduce hospitalizations.

Lionheart Brands Food & Beverage

Social good impact proceeds food and beverages

Coming Soon


Bioelectric stimulation growth and repair of coral reefs.


Bioelectric stimulation managed fish farming.

Bioelectric Farming

Bioelectric stimulation applied to modern farming.

Bioelectric Boating

Non-chemical bioelectric prevention of barnacles on boats.